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This section will contain any books which may contain Ontario data, irregardless of where
the book was published.
(This page hasn't been properly set up as yet. What you see is rough data)

American Circus Anthology - Stuart Thayer (2005)

Annals of the American Circus: 1830-1847 - Stuart Thayer (1976) ISBN: 9780-8971-6161-9 Item Description: Vol. 2 published: Seattle, Wash. : Peanut Butter Pub. ISBN:0-8971-6161-0

Clowns and Cannons: The American Circus During the Civil War - William L Slout

Olympians of the Sawdust Circle: A Biographical Dictionary of the Nineteenth Century American Circus - William L Slout (1998) ISBN:0-8095-0310-7

Girl Show: Into the Canvas World of Bump and Grind - A W Stencell 1999ISBN-10: 1-5502-2371-2 ISBN-13: 978-1-5502-2371-2 200 pages

Circus and Carnival Ballyhoo:Sideshow Freaks, Jabbers and Blade Box Queens - A W Stencell 300 pages 2010 ISBN-10: 1-5502-2880-3 ISBN-13: 978-1-5502-2880-9

Seeing Is Believing: America's Sideshows - A W Stencell 300 pages 2002 ISBN-10: 1-5502-2529-4 ISBN-13: 978-1-5502-2529-7

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