Additions have been made since the initial shutdown and the site now covers 1830 -> 1880. It will not proceed further until more playdates data has been filled in for the current range and maps upgraded. Get involved.
A new membership programme is being incorporated. Contributors are those who wish to donate data, don't want to be too involved, but would like to follow certain parts of the system and be advised of updates, etc. Researchers are those who want to be more involved and have access to all the internal benefits of the system. This level requires weekly upkeep.
Public viewers will still have complete access to all regular data. Members just get to see the background processes and on-going research.

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This is the Help page for Members. It's probably a good idea to put it on your watch list to ensure you are aware of updates.

The first things you should do, is set up your User Page, and your Talk page. These are the only 2 pages you will be able to edit.

User Page

This is like a personal Blog page. You may post whatever you like here. It could include a bit of background but would definitely include general and specific interests as regards your aims on this web site as well as what issues you wish to resolve. Members have rights to edit other User pages but should NOT do so. If you wish to Talk to another member, go to their 'Talk' page.

To get to another member's User page, Click on "Member List" in the 'members only' box, then click on the members name.
When you edit your personal pages, you will need to know a little formatting. The basic code you need is the carriage return. Put "br" inside brackets < > and put the result at the end of any text to begin a new line. You can avoid line breaks by simply putting a blank line between lines of text.
You can get an idea of other formatting by going to and clicking on "Formatting".
Just stick to the basics: line breaks, bold, italics, headers, signatures, indents, and lists. Anything else may cause you problems.
There is a Toolbar at the top of the page when you are in 'edit' mode that has some of the more common code options. ( do NOT use External Link )

Talk Page

This is your own personal discussion forum. You are allowed to add comments to each other's pages to begin a discussion, or to reply to one.
When contacting a member, or replying to an item on another member's Talk page, you enter your comments to that page by clicking on "edit". The Talk pages eliminate the need for contacting anyone else by email. When someone leaves a message or reply on your Talk page, you will receive a notice the next time you log in.
You are expected to keep your forum to a minimum by deleting discussions or comments which are no longer relevant. Some of this data you may want to move to your User page as a permanent addition.

To get to another member's Talk page, first go to their User page, then click on "discussion" in the top tab area.

It helps if everyone follows some simple editing conventions:

  • Always sign your name after your comments in a Talk page. Use the four tildes “~~~~” wiki syntax (or the signature button in the toolbar above the editing textbox).
  • Start a new discussion with a ==level 2 heading== at the bottom of the page (or use the “+” tab)
  • Indent replies with colons (:) at the beginning of the line. A reply to a reply, use 2 colons. 3 colons for the next reply, etc

Watch Lists

One of the best features of the site, you are able to get notified by e-mail of any changes to an individual page by putting it on your Watchlist.
You do this by being on the page you wish to track, then clicking on 'watch' in the tab section above.
It will be tracked via your 'My watchlist' and you will receive an e-mail when a change occurs.
Since this requires a lot of system resources to maintain, you will restrict the watchlist to a reasonable amount of important pages. I won't be too concerned about 20 or 30 pages, but will be VERY concerned about 100.
As an alternative, you can follow all changes to all pages by using the 'Special Pages' section.

Special Pages

Go to the 'Toolbox' section. The most important section there for members is 'Recent changes and logs'. The 2 most used devices in the section should be 'New pages' & 'Recent changes'.
You are not restricted within 'Special Pages'. You may access whatever you like. It may give you a better idea of how the site works and how it is doing.

Who's On-Line

As the name implies, it indicates exactly who is on the web site at that particular time. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a means to contact anyone else with an immediate message. I may add a chat module. In the meantime, I suggest you get in the habit of checking your Talk page occasionally while on-line, and definitely before you leave the site.

Using Tweet

Not set up as yet

Banned Items

The following are disallowed because they can be used in an attempt to crack the web site.
You will not be allowed to upload images to your User or Talk pages.
You will not be allowed to use links to outside web sites.
You will not be allowed to use javascript, CSS or HTML coding on the site.