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Pentland's Dramatic Equestrian Establishment 1852

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1852 Southern Ont Tour
1852 Eastern Ont Tour

Proprietors: ???
Manager: ???
Agent: ???
Equestrian: C Sherwood, Virginia Sherwood, William O Dale
Gymnast: George Batchelder
Clown: Joe Pentland
Specialty: Prof. McCormick - Antipodean
Elephant: -
Band: Henry Smith
Troupe Size: 60
Capacity: ???
Admission: 25¢

From Stuart Thayer, American Circus Anthology, Essays of the Early Years
Pentland worked for June and Howes in 1851. In 1852 the great American clown, received the ultimate honor, a circus in his own name.
We do not believe he owned it, but have no proof for our belief that June and Howes financed it, except for the fact that June & Co.
ended their 1851 season in Worcester, Massachusetts, which was where Pentland’s company began the 1852 season. It was called
Pentland’s Dramatic Equestrian Establishment, and had many of the performers from June & Co. of 1851, as well as some of its equipment.
It advertised sixty performers, an unlikely number, headlined by Charles and Virginia Sherwood, and William O. Dale, all very competent
riders. Frank J. Howes was the agent for the company, lending support to the idea that James June and Nathan Howes were the financial backers.
The circus went west in 1852, after opening in Worcester. They crossed Canada to Detroit, and visited Michigan, Illinois,
Indiana and Ohio by turns. The last date we have for them in this season is Columbus, Ohio, on November 6


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