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Lent's New York Circus 1867

From Circus Ontario
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Southern Ont route as advertised Toronto Jun 12
Eastern Ont route as advertised Toronto Jun 12
Southern Ont route as re-adjusted Jun
Eastern Ont route as re-adjusted Jun

Proprietor:  ???
Manager: L B Lent
Agent: ???
Equestrian: Carlotta De Berg, Madigan, James Cook, Wm Ducrow, S P Stickney
Gymnast: Runnells Family
Clown: Joe Pentland
Specialty: Hurdle leaping buffalo
Elephant: ???
Band: Prof Boswold's Original Opera Band
Troupe Size: ???
Capacity: ???
Admission: 50¢ - ch<10 25¢

Advertised daily in Montreal from Jun 11 up until Jun 19. (See rave reviews by checking Montreal subpage)
The actual Toronto ad for their visit didn't run until Jun 21, but no indication of when it was arranged.
According to the cancellation notice placed in the Kingston paper, the editor was sent a notice from Toronto.(See Kingston subpage)
It could have been either a letter or a telegram (mail was much quicker then) and either could have been sent very late the previous day,
or the telegram could have been sent early on the 20th, previous to the newspaper type being set.


This was billed as a railway circus.
The initial route posting showed a generally good coverage of Ontario by rail.
The second posting showed a re-adjusted coverage that took the troupe to Toronto much more quickly. It could be argued that they wanted
to be in Toronto for the celebrations around the creation of the Dominion of Canada on July 01.
Because of the later cancellation, something else must have occurred that only slighted affected their plans, then drastically changed them.
This re-adjusted route was abandoned as they were in Toronto Jun 21,22 and it was reported they were in Port Huron on Jun 24th. (unproven as yet)
Clipper magazine reported that the route in Canada was cut short as a result of bad business due to lack of local money and anti-Yankee sentiment.
This report doesn't make sense as the route was cancelled before they ever arrived in Ontario.

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Date Jun 12 Ad – TO Jun ?? Ad – TO Actual
June 17 Montreal

Jun 18 Montreal

Jun 19 Montreal

Jun 20 Montreal

Jun 21 Cornwall Cornwall Toronto
Jun 22 Williamsberg Williamsberg Toronto
Jun 24 Ottawa Ottawa Port Huron, MI ?
Jun 25 Ottawa Ottawa
Jun 26 Brockville Brockville
Jun 27 Kingston Kingston
Jun 28 Belleville Belleville
Jun 29 Trenton Port Hope
July 01 Cobourg Toronto
Jul 02 Peterborough Toronto
Jul 03 Lindsay Guelph
Jul 04 Port Hope London
Jul 05 Bowmanville St Marys
Jul 06 Whitby

Jul 08 Barrie

Jul 09 Newmarket

Jul 10 Toronto

Jul 11 Toronto

Jul 12 Guelph

Jul 13 Berlin (Kitchener)

Jul 15 Goderich

Jul 16 Clinton

Jul 17 Stratford

Jul 18 Brantford

Jul 19 Caledonia

Jul 20 Port Colborne

Jul 22 St Catharines

Jul 23 Hamilton

Jul 24 Paris

Jul 25 Woodstock

Jul 26 London

Jul 27 Chatham