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Bowery Amphitheatre 1841 ??

From Circus Ontario
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1841 Tour

Proprietor:  ???
Manager: N B & T V Turner
Agent: ???
Equestrian: N B & T V Turner, A Aldrich
Gymnast: ???
Clown: F Garson
Specialty: Am. Giant – Charles Freeman 7'3” ~300lb
Band: Henry K Gaul
Troupe Size: ???
Capacity: ???
Admission: Box 2s6d – Pit 1s6d - ch<10 = ½ price

While playing in Kingston, this circus was belittled by S B Howes as stealing the name from the true owners and being an inferior circus.

By the time the troupe reached Toronto, the name was simply shown as "Circus" and the ad was changed to state the troupe was "travelling from the Bowery Amphitheatre".

From Thayer's Annals, Vol. II, Appendix: C. R. Banks, director. N. B. and T. V. Turner, managers. Henry K Gaul, bandleader. Roster (source: British Colonist, Toronto, 6 Oct.): Napoleon Turner, four-horse rider; Timothy Turner, somersault rider; Fred Garson, clown; Charles Freeman, giant; A. Aldrich, scenic rider; S. W. Seeley, minstrel. Route

Aug 13-17 Quebec City, QUE
Oct 13 Coburg, ONT
Oct 14 Port Hope, ONT
Oct 15 Bowmanville, ONT
Oct 16 Skey’s Corners, ONT
Oct 18-21 Toronto, ONT


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