Additions have been made since the initial shutdown and the site now covers 1830 -> 1880. It will not proceed further until more playdates data has been filled in for the current range and maps upgraded. Get involved.
A new membership programme is being incorporated. Contributors are those who wish to donate data, don't want to be too involved, but would like to follow certain parts of the system and be advised of updates, etc. Researchers are those who want to be more involved and have access to all the internal benefits of the system. This level requires weekly upkeep.
Public viewers will still have complete access to all regular data. Members just get to see the background processes and on-going research.

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;Ontario Circus Troupes, Exhibitions, Menageries, Sideshows, Novelty Acts, etc</center> </tr>
This site (new as of Mar 25, and public as of April 20,

2011) will attempt to list traveling troupes in Ontario which were variously referred to as a circus, exhibition, menagerie, etc. <br>
Terms of reference at present are to include only those troupes traveling throughout Ontario prior to World War I, beginning with the 1830's and proceeding forward by decade. If there is enough interest in the site by the time a reasonable amount of pre-WWI is researched, a

new range up to 1967 will begin.

Aside from attempting to re-create the itinerary of each troupe, we will be posting the pre-performance advertising in each location as well as any post-performance commentaries. These commentaries will include reports of associated thefts, violence, etc which seemed to follow the visits of some of these troupes. <br>


We will make extensive use of categorizing as many details as possible so that site users will be able to track data by as wide a range of possibilities as can be incorporated into the site design.

If you have memorabilia, circus data, advertising

literature, or simply want to comment on the site, use the form in the "Contact" section.

<center>To follow the progression of this site, go to the "Updates Blog". </center>
<font color="red"><b>This site (still very basic) has a discussion forum which is now open to researchers only. The general public will be able to post questions once the site is more complete. (Go to the forum section for details.)<br>

Because the site is very new, we are currently adding data from the span 1830 to 1879. While we would appreciate contributions of data to add to the site, <br>
please hold it until we are adding data from the appropriate span of years.<br>

As we have already found a number of errors in published material, we are only interested in original source material. All other material will be looked at as unverified and treated as leads only. But, leads are still helpful. <br>